Crowdsourced poetry

"Microtasking is the process of splitting a job into its component microwork and distributing this work over the Internet [typically for only a few cents]. Microwork is a series of small tasks which together comprise a large unified project, and are completed by many people over the Internet. Microwork is considered the smallest unit of work in a virtual assembly line." (, 14 March 2014)

Using the microtasking web service I posted a new job titled 'Spontaneous writing' with the instructions "Write about something without thinking too much".

In all, 25 microtaskers from around the word contributed to the assignment including the Philippines, Argentina, Russia, Great Britain, Portugal, Canada, USA, Brazil, Poland, Romania, India and Bangladesh. Each microtasker was paid 5 cents and the maximum time allowed to complete the task was one minute.

The result is a form of spontaneous prose; a poem that captures the sentiments of an invisible working class between 1.58 and 2.25pm on Friday 14th March, 2014. The work is titled '$1.67' (the cost of producing the poem, including commissions) and contributions have been reproduced unaltered and in the order they were received except for the second line of the prose which contained several paragraphs of text copied from the website and was therefore not included because it was not the work of the original contributor.

$1.67 was performed at West Spce gallery as part of the Temporary Agency exhibtion and symposium.




helo ,my name is tom,a live in argentina
Dark smile in the sunny day.
i don't know what you said. what can i write without telling any thing.
The Winter is ending. Welcome Spring!!!
I am smoking now
Formula 1. First day. So far it seems that Red Bull and Ferrari aren't as bad as people said they were. Surprise no?
That is not hard to do, as I do not think about much anyways, Like right now I am on the phone talking about writing this.
I wana be a rich man.
i want to earn lots of money to pay debits
I love flowers but wish I knew how to take better care of them, plants always die on me
I am extremely hungry right now. But I have been putting off getting up and cooking something, because I have been cutting [out] and sewing a new pair of lounging pants for my mom to wear. I enjoy creating things like that.
I love ice cream especially Marble Slab ice cream. I would like to try it again now that they have unlimited mixins. This will create endless options.
This seems like a weird task. I wonder what other people are writing.
there are too many things to do everyday, I am so tired.
How are you?
what do you mean ive timed out
there is nothing I can do
I am always thinking too much. I even wake myself up at night because there is so much on my mind!
Tomorrow I'm going on a fun trip to a yarn shop. It'll be my first time there and I'm really looking forward to seeing what type of sock yarn they have in stock. I'm going to treat myself to a couple of skeins. It'll also be fun to spend some time with my sister and have lunch with her.
i am going to have lunch right now with my girlfriend.
i love to work with cf tasks. these are really good jobs.
I am winning